Monday, 19 May 2008

Lord what a crazy day. Not long now till Christmas, the kids driving us around the bend. I want this, no that! The usual stuff!

Everyone’s gone home; parents have taken various grandchildren for the night, mainly so I can get a little rest. The rest of the band, their other halves and children, have taken over a hotel near us. They’re due back tomorrow for round two. I’ll grit my teeth and get on with it; I love this extended family, having none of my own before I ended up here. I now have brothers that would give their lives for me, a child that calls me mom, and a husband who worships the ground I walk on. Can you hear me laughing??

It’s been enough to make a saint swear, and fuck I'm no saint.

Walking into the den, the fires roaring and I start to laugh lightly, covering my mouth and biting my lip.

There in all their magnificent glory are two of the men in my life. I roll my eyes.

If only their fans could see them now, I snicker louder. There they are full up on a their feast of turkey, stuffing and lets not forget their favourite, the cranberry sauce. Snoring like a pair of buzz saws!

Richie’s crashed on one sofa, feet out in front of him, hands on a VERY rounded stomach; head back mouth open, sexy, not. Pulling air in and making it scream out again. I laugh harder.

Jon’s on the other one, sprawled across it one arm above his head, then other on the floor, legs akimbo, drooling slightly. Yeah this is the soooooo exciting life married to a rock star!

The TV is talking to itself, a half empty bottle of wine between them, Jon’s mainly drunk that, Richie’s being very good only had two glasses all day.

Looking at them both you’d think they’d been the ones up since 5am making sure the turkey’s, yup two of em, hell every man and his dog turned up this year seeing as they knew I’d be cooking! It’s a bitch that being a trained chef with her own restaurant comes to bite me in the ass when it’s my turn to host the family shindig! The hams had been done the day before, the kids, the older ones, had been corralled into vegetable duty yesterday. I was very surprised that there was any veggies left after they’d finished with them, I chuckled again.

Various dishes made by the mothers and sister-in-laws, and the other wives of the band, you get the picture. Luckily this house is huge; it needs to be this time of year. I borrow it every time it’s my turn, easier to do this than trying to get everyone to our house.

A twitch and a groan from Jonny boy, he lifts, farts and turns over. Yup I’m sooooo damn lucky, can you hear the sarcasm.

I walk over and pick the remote up and lower the decibels that are coming from the TV. There doing something about Pilgrims, scintillating, so much so it put too full grown men out like a hammer!

A snort and a cough from behind me, ‘Hey I was watchin that!’ Turning I see Rich is awake and sleepily looking at me, scratching him self, yeah my eyes are rolling again.

‘Ok stud, what’s the programme about?’ I give him the hairy eyeball.

‘Erm …. Well …..It was about football ….. But that don’t look like a cheerleader to me.’ He says seeing a woman dressed in the Pilgrim clothing. He gives me the puppy dog look. Sheeeesh, I shake my head.

I hear a muffled snicker coming from Jon’s direction, so does Rich and he throws a pillow at his head, he’s got a good arm, perfect shot.

‘What the fuck was that for jackass?’ Jon mutters sitting up, surreptitiously wiping the drool away. ‘Hey baby we missed you, what you been doing?’

‘I’ve been loading and unloading the dishwasher, you know that thing you two morons said you’d do so I could put my feet up. I should have known you’d both be out like a light, it’s been the same for the last six years, so why am I surprised.’

They both look sleepy and sheepish. They’d both solemnly swore to their mom’s that, yes of course we’d do the dishes any idiot can load the washer. HELLO the idiot did! I grab Jon’s glass and top it up and slug it back like a pro.

‘Jonny I think our Abbey is a wee bit pissed with us. Don’t you think?’ Getting to his feet and walking towards me. Damn he’s too cute when he’s rumpled and sleepy.

Jon gets up to and reaches for the glass in my hand, ‘Yup she is, and getting hammered isn’t gonna improve your mood darlin, you’ll just end up swinging for someone.’ He takes the glass and wraps his arms about me, getting me in a bear hug and nuzzling into my neck. I can feel him grinning like a deranged loon, and jab him in the stomach, hard. He chuckles and hugs me tighter.

‘Aw fuck Jon will you unhand my wife!’ Richie pushes on Jon’s head, and Jon comes up laughing.

‘Well if she will go around smelling like turkey and all the trimming …. What’s a man to do? It’s so damn tempting.’ He cracks up and lets me go, but holding my wrists. Bastard knows me too damn well these days, and I pack a mean left hook!

‘Damn Bongiovi what a way to make a woman feel special, asshole!’ I snapped at him, he laughs and holds on.

Richie comes behind me, reaches down and takes over Jon’s hold on me, and nuzzles my neck too, but he leaves little kisses and nips along my collar bone. I shiver; he knows just how to calm me. I feel the heat radiating from both Rich and Jon, ah some woman’s dream here, trapped between too of the hottest rockers around, well IMO.

I yawn. Both guys crack up. ‘Damn Rich, we loosing our touch or what man? Hot looking woman and she yawns. Fuck me, that’s not good bro.’ he shakes his head.

‘I know, but she is getting old.’ This earns my darling hubby a heel to his instep; unfortunately I don’t have on my CFM’s any more, damn!

‘Now baby don’t take it like that, you’ve been yawning off and on for the last month. You need to easy up on your load and delegate to your staff a little more.’ He dropped another kiss on my shoulder.

I turn my head and little and grin at him, he kisses me gently. Jon coughs, reminding us he’s still in the room. I laugh. ‘It’s ok Jonny boy, won’t embarrass ya.’ I snicker again. It’s his turn to roll his eyes.

‘There’s a reason I’ve been tired just lately and it’s nothing to do with my age you pair of oap’s!’ They both try to look wounded, they fail miserably.

Jon throws himself on the couch in a pretend huff, grabs his glass, refills it and starts to drink.

I take Rich, who’s got a worried frown on his face and push him down next to Jon. ‘What’s wrong love?’ He asks me.

‘Well I wasn’t going to say anything yet, but ………………..’ I bite my lip. I have both their full attentions, and they look worried.

Together they both shout ‘WHAT?’

I grin. ‘There’s no need to shout. Sheeeesh men!’ More eye rolling from me ensues.

‘Rich.’ He sits on the edge of the sofa looking fearful. ‘You’ll have to be around about the end of May. So you’ll have to schedule a break from the tour guys.’

They both look none plus at me, the penny’s not dropped, I laugh and they scowl.

‘Darlin, I can’t just expect Jon to reorganise the dates for the tour ……. It’s just not possible.’

‘What not even so you can be with me when our child is born into this world?’

They both start to talk, then stop dead as what I’ve said sinks in.

Rich looks at me, big brown eyes huge with wonder, ‘You mean you’re pregnant?’

I nodded. We’d never tried for children, and when I didn’t get pregnant we thought it was just meant to be. Being on the wrong side of forty, we just took it that I’d have Ava as my child, and we’d be a family. We live together in Cali. Heather had remarried Tommy and he didn’t want Ava around. So she’d moved lock stock and barrel into Richie’s life. And, for the last six years, mine, and I loved her as only a mom could do.

Jon jumped up, grabbed me and spun me about, laughing and kissing me. Richie just sat on the sofa looking stunned. Hell I looked worse than him when my Dr. had told me why I’d been feeling tired. I just thought I’d caught a virus. Yeah a nine month one!

‘Rich, are you ok?’ I was now worried. Jon held onto me.

He looked up at me, and a massive big grin formed on his face, ‘A baby, we’re going to have a baby! HOLY FUCK JON I’M GONNA BE A DAD AGAIN! He got up and slowly wrapped his arms about me, pulling me in for a gentle hug, leaning down his lips met mine, and all the love and feelings he felt for me came together in that one kiss. Time seemed to stand still, my arms wound about his neck.

He ripped his lips from mine, ‘Shit! This means I’m gonna have to start the diapering again now I’m over fifty! Fuck! His jaw goes slack and Jon starts laughing.

‘You better ask Teek for some over fifty parenting advice, like how fast your zimmer frame will go.’ He went off again.

My lips twitched at the thought, my big strong energetic husband running around after a toddler, I lost it. Tears started streaming down my face and I clutched my stomach laughing harder and harder.

Richie smacked him upside the head, ‘Fuck you asshole, I’m gonna tell Dot you want another one!’

Jon gapped at him, ‘You would too you shit!’ Smacking Rich in the arm, then laughing again.

I recovered, wiping my tears on the hem of Richie’s shirt, much to his disgust.

‘Aw sorry boo but damn you looked like a stunned mullet. This little surprise was going to be for Christmas, but you’ve got a Thanks Giving present instead.’ I gently pull his head down towards me, stopping just shy of connecting I turn towards Jon. ‘Don’t you think you’d better see if Dot’s awake, you know, no kids in the house!!!!’

He laughs, leans in and pecks me on the cheek and slaps Richie on the back. ‘Can I tell her?’

‘Yeah I think you can.’ Pulling Richie’s head the rest of the way down, locking lips and letting our love shine through.

I hear Jon chuckle and wander off out of the door, closing it.

Richie gathers me in his arms and sits on the sofa with me on his lap, raining kisses on my up turned face. ‘Have I told you lately how much I love you Bey? Because I do you know I can’t believe you’re pregnant.’ That big grin is still attached, and I don’t see him loosing it any time soon.

‘I love you too. I can’t believe I am either. You think we’ll cope, we are a little old for starting a family?’ I gnaw on my bottom lip.

‘Yeah, we’ll cope, mom’s gonna be ecstatic, so is Ava. Oh shit I’ve gotta tell mom!’

‘Rich calm down you’ll have a heart attack.’ I smile at him. ‘And buster tomorrow you and Jon get to do the washing up buster!’ He laughs and kisses me.

‘Cause darlin, wouldn’t dream of not doing em.’ He winks and rubs my stomach.

This has been the Thanks Giving I think we’ll both remember.